Who we are

A story that has lasted for over 200 years

The band of Salò was born on August 15th 1818. From 1848 it became an instrumental music school.
In the early 1900s the band became municipal, only after 1945 thanks to the president don Luigi Tarolli and to the conductor Marino Marini the band had his golden decade. In 1968 the presidency was transferred from Gino De Paoli-Ambrosi to Guerrino Pollino and then to Bortolo Pollini.
The direction instead went to the conductor Tomacelli then Comincini and Tonoli.
In 1977 it was transferred to Zola for 17 years.
The 60s marked a really important passage for the Banda Cittadina of Salò thanks to the birth of the most important tradition “The great concert of Ferragosto” in the square of the Cathedral. Conduction was transferred then to Ghisla and l’ensemble began a transformation that brought it to be a Wind Orchestra. This journey was carried in by the conductor Loss. From 2012 the Wind Orchestra directed by the conductor Oddone had a great success. From 2017 the direction was transferred to Andreoli and then to the actual conductor Maestro Giacomelli.

The purpose of the association is to perform concerts, parades and music in general as well as any other activity aimed at promoting the musical culture of the citizens.
The association is non-partisan, non-denominational and non-profit.